Chaos Needs No Reason

Across the developed world of the Eastern Kingdoms, the prosperity has never been higher. The movement to create the Eastern Union, lead by the great Kingdom of Tarika, has succeeded in bringing peace and cooperation, not to mention wealth and power, to the lands.

With the homefront safe and thriving, eyes have turned to other goals, some attempting to colonize lands to the far West, others dabbling in the planes, bringing exotic goods to those who can afford them, which is more and more people every year. Others still are looking to help those people of other lands reach a similar state of harmony, a difficult task with the barbarous people of the Central Mountains, or the honor-bound blood-feuding people of the Southern Clans.

Of course, many outside the Union have their eyes on the EU. Some eyes look with envy at the happiness of the people. Some look with malice at the indulgence of the people and hate that they seem to forget all but those within their cities. And yet others look on with apathy, because it matters not if the people are united or at war, prosperous or barbaric, powerful or nonexistent. And because Chaos needs no reason.